Friday, November 13, 2009

4.0 Is My Next Goal!

Wee! Just checked my results for the first semester. Alhamdulillah...I pass. I was SO shocked to see my pointers. =O I thought there was something wrong with my eyes till I checked and double-checked and triple-checked to make sure my laptop's working fine. Okay, so the results is good. I'm very relieved 'cause I was actually expecting much lower pointers. Now, I think this is a good start in my way to achieve my dream to study in the UK next year. :) I don't know. But now I definitely am more study-spirited for my next semester. :) With the help from Allah and my hard work, 4.0 will soon be mine!! :D Bear in mind that a full transformation will take place in me!! (Except in some areas :P)

Hmm, thought I would share my happiness with you guys. :) Don't forget me in your prayers. :)

Signing off,

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ceriterasayer... said...

suke3...doreen sgt b'smangat!! go girl!! i'll alwys b ryte here cheering for u!!
"di mana dy buah atie saya? buah atie saya yg pki baju merah, siapa dy buah atie saya? buah atie saya itulah tg,arfah...huhuuhu"

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

aww...TQ jia!! kite cheer each other okay?? :D rindu kat tg arfah!!! waaa!!! and may 4.0 be yours too. ;)

Syafira Shaman said...

Im so proud of you!!!
go k.darina!!!

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

huhu TQ syafira!! ;D best of luck yea result spm t!

Syafira Shaman said...

thank you
doakan fira!!!!

W N Adilah ooh*) said...

k.darina congrates!!

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

Awww thanx wan!! Alhamdulillah... ;D good luck and all the best to you!!