Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pictures Depict Life

Credits to Faez for being the photographer ;)

During breakfast

We plead guilty ;P

We were too bored with the talks that we did this crazy stuff

Can't you see how bored I was?

Farah - my PhD (Perasaan Hasad Dengki) soulmate XD

Ignore the background will ya? LOL

Spot the difference?

LOL. Just an extra so you get to know me better. Because this is true XD

4 mind(s) swirling:

kapd said...

mane pic paez?
ak jeles ngn korg!

mAdie said...

miss u darl....

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

huhu. faez x nk amek gmbr.

miss u too darl. aritu aq ternmpk someone who looks just like you. terigt kt ko plak.

saraenuff said...

hey,dorin kat ne?
cucms tu under jpa ipts
kat cyberjaya
collge medical sc
xkan fly syg hahah