Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Day To Tell

Not feeling too well today. Having flu and I think I'm gonna have fever. That's why I got back home this afternoon so that I'll get full rest rather than staying at the college and keep resisting the strong intention in me to go out and have fun. LOL. Today, my class started at 8.30 am and ended at 4++ pm.


Oh yea, yesterday I went out with Asma in the afternoon. We went to PKNS first because she needed to settle her MARA matters. Then, we waited nearly an hour for Hafiz to come to PKNS because we thought he'd come along with us and join us for the whole day. But he didn't turn up. We called Zaid and he said Hafiz was already out by the time he got back to PERINDU. Well, we were curious but then we just walked around and window-shopped. LOL.

Went to MidValley around 1.30 pm. Our train from KL Sentral to MidValley was delayed for 30 minutes. Luckily, I found this one foreign family. For those who know me, it's not a surprise that I always go and approach tourists. LOL. Yup, I approached them and talked to them. Together with Asma. They were friendly, of course. The mother is a Chinese, originated from China and named Weiran. The father is an English man, originated from New Zealand, named Steven. One thing that I'm ashamed of. The train service. Because Steven complained to us about the service. Eheh. He said the trains in China arrive every 2 minutes and each time the train is full. So there you go, a few info on China train service. LOL.

We talked and played with their daughters - Rayya and Sheiya. These two little girls are so cute! And yea, their dad told us that they speak Chinese better than English because they live in China and only go back to New Zealand once or twice a year.

We parted ways once we were in the shopping mall. Then Asma and I went to surau first. Next, we decided to buy something as a gift for the family. We bought a replica of the Twin Towers and gifted them once we met them again. And we exchanged goodbyes.

Before entering the cinema, I went to McD first to buy some food. Guess what? I noticed Norish Karman queuing in front of me. Heh. Not a big fan of her, but I like her acting. She's actually quite small in reality. Just a few inches taller than me. At first, I didn't want to snap any photographs with her because I'm not crazy about her as I am about Shah Rukh ;D But when the McD staffs took photos with her, well I said let's give it a shot. Just for fun. And yea, her daughter is really cute. And so is her son.

"Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak The Movie" was great yaar! I loved it! Not one of my Malay most favourites, but it was nice. Funny and hilarious though there were some horror and scary parts too, included. Then, we went back to PKNS to buy those clothes we spotted earlier. LOL. Finally, we reached college around 10 pm.


That's all about yesterday (mostly) and today ;)
Miss you-know-who. I hope and pray to God that he will get out of all the misery and crazy madness he's currently facing. Thank God, his entire family is with him at the moment. But I know, even if he's alone, he'll manage ;) I hope this whole chaos ends ASAP and those responsible should be taken legal action upon them due to the problems created.

My pic with the girls. Other pics are spoiled. Sorry ;)

Love note for AZ : Lor, baru tau ke aq ade blog? adeii..and you're famous tau kat blog aq neh. LOL.

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Anonymous said... lama aku dah blog baru.
sebarkan pada stfian.
link kan aku ye?

tkpd said...

i miss youu babe!

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

alright! sure!

miss you too babe! jom hangout when we are free yeah!

farzanaf said...

eheh.gmba ngn norish karman uh tade pulakk.aduyai.

♥darina.srkdk♫ said...

ahah. gmbr ngan norish karman tu gmbr aq burok. xkan nk tjk babe. lol