Saturday, May 21, 2011

Missed Me?

Hey ho. Been a month since my last visit here. Pardon me. Oh yeah, I'm good, in case you're wondering. :P It's been 2 weeks now into holidays. And I have another 3 1/2 months to enjoy. Thoroughly? Naahhh. The jitters are still there, until my results come out. Congrats Darina, you finally managed to unpack ALL your stuffs yesterday. *pats shoulder* Fyi, I still haven't gotten my car yet. That explains why I can't go out much despite the huge demand from friends. *coughs* Oh, my sister is going to further her tertiary education in Perak and she's leaving this Monday. So that just leaves me and my youngest bro, Ajim. I'm gonna miss her. =)) Hmm my blogging mood has just come back so let's go easy and slow. ;D Till later!

Signing off,

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