Wednesday, November 24, 2010

GPS? Who Needs It?

Hi all. Today I'm not alone, am accompanied by the gorgeous Mr. Flu. Dang. I hate thisss!! Feel like chopping off my nose and have a new one instead. T.T Oh nothing big to report. Except that I've been SO DAMN excited about this one news I got few days back. xD But I won't disclose here. Well, at least not till everything is finalised. :P Last Saturday me and my family went to Subang Parade to do some groceries and shop for some stuffs and we went to this one computer shop. My dad pointed to the window glass to mi mama, "Tu ha, Papago GPS." For a few seconds I was praying to God that my dad would buy the GPS for my usage because every time he does that, there's a BIG possibility he'll buy it. But nope. He turned his back and walked away. There goes my chance.. T.T I FRIGGIN' NEED A GPS AYAH. :((( This daughter of yours never ever remembers the names of roads, highways, landmarks, let alone the routes to any freaking destination! :'( Except for some though. I need it!! What's the use of having a car but am not allowed to drive it to wherever I wanna go just because you're afraid I might get lost??? BWAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! Okay, a lil rant for the day. -.-

My laptop is finally in the safe hands of the experts. Good. And I finally managed to get rid of the shortcut virus in ALL my thumb drives. Thanks to my mom's staff. Great.

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