Tuesday, February 17, 2009

14 Feb

I've just visited Kaklong Dina's blog. Yup, I love her blog because she always updates her blog. Not like me anyways.


And I got this latest news from her - Abg Firdaus got DISTINCTION for his SECOND CLASS EXAMS! Can you believe it? Wow, he must've worked real hard for this. Anyways, congratulations Abg Firdaus!

HATS OFF TO YOU! I hope my SPM results will be just like Abg Firdaus'. I hope I'll pass with flying colours.

Last Saturday I'd gone out with other Valourians, only those who reside in KL. Yea, we had a great time together.

As usual, as soon as I saw them [I was the first to arrive at the KLCC and had to wait for nearly half an hour!], I rushed to them, and just imagine. I couldn't stop myself from talking about Shah Rukh!

Only then we talked about each latest happenings in life.

There were eight of us that day. - Me, Farz, Saps, Nurina, Banks, Miza, Mira, and Hyatt.

Well, there were Shayla and Shera too, but they'd got to work. So, we decided to meet Shayla first before she got to work. Sharp at 1.15 pm, we sent her back to her workplace.

Then, we went for the movie 'Eden Lake'. In which it was a horrible and terrible movie, I tell ya! Well, this is my opinion only. From the poster, we thought it might be a horror, spooky ghost story but we were wrong. Totally wrong. It was horror
but in terms of, killing.

This movie was about a couple who had a vacation in the forest. They went to the Eden's Lake to have a picnic and slept there for a night. There they met a bunch of 12-year-old bad naughty kids who were supposedly having their own kind of 'vacation'. Then these kids disturbed the couple by stealing their belongings and even their car keys. The movie progressed by the kids trying to get back at the couple for messing around with them and they even had attempted to kill the couple. Seriously, I regretted so much for watching this movie.

I should've listened to myself. I should've rather watched 'Slumdog Millionaires' which is the movie of my taste. Bollywood movie, you see.

And yes, I'm not the only regretting it.

Then, we had our lunch with Shera who was on break at the time. After that, we went for a stroll outside the KLCC and finally went to Wangsa Maju to visit Syaf who was working at the JJ.

Pity her, as we were about to leave, her manager saw us and she was caught red-handed. She told everyone in MySpace she was lectured after that by that fierce woman who looked like a lioness. Haha, that was what she said.

Credits to Farz and Syaf for being the organisers for this.

And yes, we're also planning for the next outing, perhaps to - Genting!

Just wait guys. We will keep you informed of the latest news buzzing around.

Gotta go, I've got driving lesson tomorrow. Why does the instructor always comes early in the morning to pick me up? Urghhhh!

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