Monday, March 17, 2008


hi again..hahah, i'm currently sitting in front of this monitor..writing in this blog.not much to say, juz wanna tell ya, the reason i put mumbai, india in my blog is because i really wish to live in india..or at least go to india. it's not that i'm not being patriotic to my own country, but..(speechless)..actually, i live in selangor, malaysia. hey, what else is the reason i wanna go to india? it's a shahrukh-hunt! i know this dream will one day come true..hahah, hopefully..before srk's hair turns grey..this year i'm sitting for a very big exam that will decide my future. if i get SUPERB results, i hope to pursue my studies abroad. then, there's a bigger opportunity for me to encounter my heartthrob, no need to mention who it is, rite? it's obvious, isn't it? well, now u know, plz do pray for that my dream will come true..i know it will. but still, dont be over-confident, hahah..! k, the CC is closing. gotta go. till then.

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